Learn about our industry and its companies

North Carolina’s building performance industry includes more than 1,250 companies, over 50,000 employees and accounts for more than $15B in annual revenue.

High Performance Benefits

Building performance offers business owners, building operators, maintenance managers and others opportunities to improve the performance of commercial, governmental, institutional, industrial and other types of buildings that help their owners and operators save energy, save water, improve health and safety, improve building value and many other benefits.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of high performance commercial and industrial buildings.

Home performance is used to make a new or existing home perform better, affording residents lower energy usage, improved health and safety, increased home durability with lower maintenance, improved value and many other benefits.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of high performance homes.


Building performance companies provide products and services that help improve homes and buildings across North Carolina.  These companies improve the design, construction and operations of buildings through products and services that save energy, improve durability and comfort, improve a building’s healthiness and safety, and greatly increase the value of the building. Click here for video profiles on some of our member companies.

Companies in our industry include:

  • Architects skilled at designing energy efficient, green and high performance homes and buildings.
  • Builders and developers that construct new and retrofit existing homes and buildings to high performance standards.
  • Consultants proficient in diagnosing energy and performance issues in homes and buildings.
  • Product manufacturers and suppliers with materials and tools used to ensure high performance construction.
  • Service providers that assist our industry companies in delivering high performance benefits to their customers.

Click here to find a member company in your area.


Our industry is comprised of more than 50,000 trained, certified and experienced industry professionals that help residents and businesses improve the performance of their homes and buildings.  Click here for videos of member professionals describing their work.  Our industry is growing and more workers are needed to fill the national and state gap in skilled labor.  Click here for information on careers in our industry.

Size and Impact

How does North Carolina’s home and building performance industry compare to other states?

  • 3rd most home energy ratings (HERS Scores) in the country (RESNET).

  • 2nd most National Green Building Standard certifications in the country (NGBS).

  • 30th in the country for energy efficiency (ACEEE).

  • Moderate in energy conservation code adoption (BCAP).

  • 2nd most solar installations in the country (SEIA).

  • 7th most LEED certified buildings in the country (USGBC).

  • 3rd most ENERGY STAR new homes built in the country (EPA).

National Industry

NCBPA is a standalone state-based trade association that works with local, state and national organizations to improve North Carolina’s market and contribute benefits to the national industry.  The United States’ building performance industry is comprised of  hundreds of organizations spanning a wide variety of topic areas related to our industry.

Select national stakeholder organizations involved in building performance include:

  • Building Performance Institute
  • Energy Services Coalition
  • Home Performance Coalition
  • National Association of Energy Services Companies
  • Passive House Alliance US
  • US EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program