Since 2014, NCBPA has worked with member companies and partners to improve and expand the state’s building performance industry.  Some of these accomplishments include:

Identifying New Market Opportunities:

  1. Identified policy, workforce, regulatory and utility actions that would result in a 16.8% decrease in North Carolina’s total energy usage through increased investment in building performance (2018 report).
  2. Partnered with NAHB to perform a first-of-its-kind study that identified a 9.5% sale price premium for high performance homes in NC’s three largest metro markets (2018 report).
  3. Developed an innovative Energy Efficiency Policy Roadmap for state regulators, policy markers and industry advocates to follow to benefit from increased investment in energy efficiency (2017 report).
  4. Developed an industry Strategic Plan in 2017 with updates in 2019 to identify the most important policy, workforce, market and consumer education opportunities for our industry to work towards (website).

Promoting the Benefits and Impact of Building Performance:

  1. Successfully advocated for a “truing up” of the size and scope of North Carolina’s energy efficiency sector in state clean energy industry reporting that led to a 252% increase in reported revenue from 2016 to 2018 (2019 article).
  2. Promoted industry interests at key stakeholder events and convenings including the NC Utilities Commission, the NC Energy Policy Council, the NC Building Code Council, the NC Energy Efficiency Roadmap development process and the NC Clean Energy Plan development process (news).
  3. Created online videos and interviews with member professionals that promote their work in our industry and help inform students, consumers and key stakeholders about industry benefits and opportunities (website).

Creating Growth Opportunities for Companies and Professionals:

  1. Through our Job Board and Job Seekers webpages, have successfully connected more than 50 industry professionals to jobs with member companies (website).
  2. Lead energy efficiency and building performance policy advocacy and lobbying efforts that have led to progress on Commercial PACE Financing, Energy Services Performance Contracting, Energy Code and other initiatives (website).
  3. Trained 36 industry professionals as credentialed Crawl Space Encapsulation Specialists (website).
  4. Referred more than 350 direct customer leads and referrals to member companies.
  5. Consistently provided member professionals with a weekly or bi-weekly e-newsletter that summarizes industry news, new business opportunities, association benefits, job postings, events and much more (website).
  6. Created consumer and industry professional resources that promote the adoption and enforcement of strong energy codes for resilient and sustainable communities, further supporting improved understanding of sustainability and creating demand for member services (website).

Managing Programs That Lead to Growth Opportunities for Our Industry:

  1. Held a workforce development summit in the fall of 2018 that led to the identification of the most needed resources and initiatives to support and develop our industry’s current and future workforce, which have led to dozens of presentations to students on industry career opportunities (website).
  2. Offer continuing education opportunities monthly through in-person educational workshops, online learning courses and virtual meetings on technical, business and market topics (website).
  3. Lead building and energy code advocacy and education efforts that include recommending industry professionals for appointments on the NC Building Code Council, educating council members and code officials on energy code improvements, and leading efforts to implement beneficial code change proposals that not only save energy but also improve comfort, durability, health, safety and lead to lower insurance rates for consumers (website).
  4. Led advocacy efforts that resulted in minor improvements to North Carolina’s new 2018 energy codes that include the addition of the Energy Rating Index (ERI) as a new residential compliance option (website).
  5. Manage educational websites that provide free guidance and referrals to member companies for homeowners and building owners that are interested in improving building performance.
  6. Developed strategic partnerships with state and national allies to help promote our industry’s value and opportunities (website).