NCBPA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) trade association serving North Carolina’s building performance companies and professionals with education, member services and industry advocacy.

Our Mission

To advance and represent North Carolina’s building performance industry through valuable services to member companies and professionals while also educating and connecting residents, business owners and the general public to the industry’s products and services.  We stand for:

  • Residents in need of lower utility bills and healthier, safer places to live in.
  • Businesses whose operating costs can be lowered through performance improvements.
  • Contractors who perform quality work in homes and buildings across the state.

Our Industry

NCBPA proudly represents North Carolina’s building performance industry, which generates more than $15B in annual revenue, includes more than 1,250 companies and employs more than 50,000 workers.  Click here for more information about our industry.

Building Performance

Building performance companies improve the design, construction and operations of homes and buildings. Doing so helps to save energy, improve durability and comfort, improve a building’s healthiness and safety, and greatly increase the building’s value.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of high performance homes and buildings.

Watch this short video to hear our members talk about the benefits of high performance construction.

 Companies in our industry include:

  • Architects skilled at designing energy efficient, green and high performance homes and buildings.
  • Builders and developers that construct new and retrofit existing homes and buildings to high performance standards.
  • Consultants proficient in diagnosing energy and performance issues in homes and buildings.
  • Product manufacturers and suppliers with materials and tools used to ensure high performance construction.
  • Service providers that assist our industry companies in delivering high performance benefits to their customers.
  • Click here to find a member company.

Strategic Initiatives

NCBPA’s staff and Board of Directors launched a Strategic Plan in January of 2017 to focus the association’s work on four main categories that offer growth opportunities to our industry and member companies:

  1. Increasing the value and visibility of high performance homes and buildings.
  2. Educating consumers on the benefits of high performance construction.
  3. Improving our industry’s legislative and regulatory business environment.
  4. Creating workforce development and career opportunities for industry companies and professionals.

Click here for more information on our Strategic Plan.

Staff and Leadership

NCBPA employs a staff of experienced professionals that support member companies and provide North Carolina residents, businesses and partner organizations with helpful information, resources and services. Visit our Staff page for more information.

NCBPA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that supports the mission of NCBPA and volunteers time to help our industry grow. Visit our Board of Directors page for more information.

Awards and Recognition

NCBPA and its staff are proud supporters and leaders of many local, state, regional and national initiatives and organizations.  Accordingly, we have been recognized with these awards and recognition:

Supporting North Carolina Residents and Businesses

The association proudly operates www.HomeEnergyNC.org, which serves as North Carolina’s nonprofit and non biased online portal for information on home energy and performance improvements, green building, incentive programs and much more.  Visit the website for answers to home energy questions, recommendations on improvements for existing homes and referrals to reputable local home energy contractors.  Click here to access more information for residential consumers.

The association operates a similar site offering the owners and operators of non-residential buildings in North Carolina – hotels, office buildings, schools and more – helpful information for addressing building performance needs in new and existing buildings.  Click here to visit www.BuildingPerformanceNC.org.