NCBPA is proud to recognize our own Founder and Executive Director Ryan Miller for winning the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) 2017 Best in Green “Young Professional of the Year” award at the NAHB International Builders’ Show on January 10, 2018.  The award includes recognition as one of seven in the “One to Watch” category for young building professionals making an impact across the country.

From NAHB’s announcement: “Ryan Miller, executive director of the North Carolina Building Performance Association and a member of the HBA of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties, has created four statewide trade associations that support builders, contractors, product suppliers and consumers interested in energy-efficient, green and high-performance construction. Miller is leading efforts to include the high-performance features and green certifications of homes in the Multiple Listing Service.”

During the awards ceremony, pre-recorded video responses from finalists to the question “What’s the next big thing in green building?” were presented.  Miller’s answer to the question was:

“The next big thing for green building is ensuring proper real estate market valuation of the many different benefits of green homes and their high performance features.  Proper valuation is needed to ensure that both builders and homeowners receive an appropriate financial return on the investments they make to build or retrofit a home to be green.  Doing so will increase consumer interest, improve appraisal values and improve how the real estate market values and communicates the many different benefits of green homes and their features.”

Miller’s statement on the award:

“I’d like to thank the National Association of Home Builders and their Green Buildings Program led by Jaclyn Toole, Megan Carroll and Michelle Diller for this award.  I am truly honored and humbled by this recognition for my work.  While this is an individual award, I must recognize that my work, and our associations’ work, would not be possible without the contributions and support of our member companies and the hard-working professionals that we represent.  My team and I spend each and every day doing as much as we can to bring profit and success to our members working in, under and on top of North Carolina’s homes and buildings.  This work is vitally important to promoting health, safety, affordability and environmental responsibility in homes and buildings across our state.  I respectfully share this award with all of the hard-working professionals that we represent in North Carolina.”

The “Best in Green” awards ceremony was sponsored by 84 Lumber’s GreenEdge Supply and included an introduction by Judy Dinelle, an NCBPA member from Asheville who herself was installed as National Chair of the Professional Women in Building Council (by NCBPA member Buddy Hughes of Hughes Construction) the same day.  The award was co-presented by Brandon Bryant of Red Tree Builders, a Master Certified Green Builder and NCBPA member also from Asheville, who himself was a 2014 finalist for the same award as Miller.

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